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PEÇAMAPE is a company dedicated to the sale of vehicles, from light to heavy. In turn, it is a central part of a business group that offers a wide range of functions, goods and services for your vehicle, in life and at the end of it.

There are two other companies that belong to the Peçamape Group:

RM 2 - REBOQUES MONTEJUNTO 2 - Company reserved for towing services (as the name implies). We present a very diverse and complete fleet, as well as a set of instruments, tools and experienced employees, prepared and trained to solve all situations, from the simplest to the most complex. We correspond with maximum quality and efficiency, 24 hours a day at your disposal. We work with all assistance on the go.

AMBIAUTO - Company dedicated exclusively to end-of-life vehicles, since it is a slaughter center. We intend to use excellence and competence in the final procedures of vehicles subject to this monitoring, as well as the preservation of the environment. AMBIAUTO is already in operation and duly certified!
Peçamape, Lda. Todos os direitos reservados.
Peçamape (fachada) Peçamape (atendimento principal) Reboques Montejunto 2 (o nosso serviço de pronto-socorro) Ambiauto (O nosso centro de abate)